Methanotrophy Consortium:  A group of methanotrophy researchers committed to enabling research in methanotrophy.  Initial group includes:

Alan DiSpirito, Iowa State University
Marina Kalyuzhnaya, University of Washington
Valentina Khmelenina, Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino)
Mary Lidstrom, University of Washington
Colin Murrell, University of East Anglia
Amy Rosenzweig, Northwestern University
Jeremy Semrau, University of Michigan
Josh Silverman, Calysta Energy

Interested in contributing content and/or joining the Consortium?  Requirements are that you be an active or retired researcher in methanotrophy and that you agree to contribute time and effort to the dissemination goals of the Consortium.  To join the Consortium, contact the Methanotrophy Consortium at join@methanotroph.org, providing evidence of your expertise in methanotrophy and confirming your willingness to provide assistance. To contribute information, create an account.